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Taffy Indoor/Outdoor Accent Table

Taffy Indoor/Outdoor Accent Table

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Taffy is an accent table and seating solution that exudes sweetness in both form and function. Whether serving as a stylish stool or an eye-catching accent table, Taffy is crafted from sturdy fiber-reinforced concrete, making it an ideal choice for occasional patio seating or an impromptu indoor perch or plant stand.

Available in sleek black, white, or vibrant green, Taffy effortlessly stands out with its versatile design. Its durable construction ensures suitability for both indoor and outdoor use, offering a seamless transition between spaces.

Product details:

  • Taffy indoor/outdoor table
  • Black, White or Green
  • 15.0” W X 15.0” D X 18.5” H
  • Fibre reinforced natural concrete
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