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Princey's Favourite Chair Print (8.5x6)

Princey's Favourite Chair Print (8.5x6)

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This custom portrait of Prince the dog by Lena Goodison is a special addition to the Hacienda collection. Lena's distinctive style captures Prince's beauty and unique personality, making this piece a heartfelt tribute to a beloved pet. Prince was rescued from a city dog shelter in Clinton, Ontario and brought joy to his family until the age of 12. To honor his memory and help other animals in need, Hacienda will donate 25% of all sales from this print to dog rescues in Toronto and beyond. By purchasing this print, you'll not only add a beautiful piece of art to your collection but also contribute to a great cause.

Product details:

  • Princey's Favourite Chair print by Lena Goodison
  • 8.5" L  x 6" W printed on high-quality cotton paper
  • 25% of the proceeds go to Speaking of Dogs, Helpaws and a selection of other dog rescues on a rotating basis. 
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