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Pink Speckled Bottle Vase

Pink Speckled Bottle Vase

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Handmade ceramics add artistry and uniqueness to any space. This vase by Garden of Weeden Ceramics is one of a kind as each piece is crafted by the hands of Toronto based ceramicist Kristen Weeden. No two will ever be exactly alike.

Made of light clay, the colour is the perfect blush pink with natural speckles and can be a soft, subtle touch of colour. A great piece for a shelf, an office desk or as a table top centerpiece with your favourite flowers or dried stems. For a beautiful vignette pair it with other vases from the Hacienda collection. 

Product details:

  • Handmade pink speckled ceramic vase by Garden of Weeden Ceramics
  • 6" H x 3.5" W 
  • Each vase is handmade and may vary slightly from photos 
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