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Mer Bleue Original Painting

Mer Bleue Original Painting

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Indulge in the enchanting pastel dream crafted by the talented Lena Goodison. With a mastery of colors that leave a gentle yet profound impact, Lena's artistry shines brilliantly in "Mer Bleue." This exquisite piece portrays a captivating scene of a woman by the blue sea, immersing herself in the serene ambiance, savoring the ocean's scents and melodies as she closes her eyes in blissful contentment. Lena's ability to weave emotions into her work is truly exceptional, making "Mer Bleue" a delightful and evocative depiction of tranquil beauty. Lose yourself in the calming allure of this masterpiece and let the soothing waves of "Mer Bleue" wash over your soul. Pair it with Lena's other works for a gorgeous set.

Product details:

  • Mer Bleue original painting by Lena Goodison
  • 6" L x 5" W
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