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Footed Planter Pot Terracotta/Black

Footed Planter Pot Terracotta/Black

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Green plants clean the air and add a beautiful decorative touch to the home. Add a fresh new plant pot to your collection and enjoy a whole new look. This clay plant pot comes in black or terracotta to fit whatever your decor may be! get through the cold winter months with new green plants and a snazzy planter pot!

Revitalize your living space with the perfect blend of nature and style! A modern clay plant pot is a refreshing addition to your collection that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but plants also contribute to cleaner air.

Available in classic black or rustic terracotta, this versatile plant pot effortlessly complements any decor, offering a seamless integration into your living space. Embrace the opportunity to breathe new life into your surroundings during the cold winter months by introducing vibrant green plants into your home.

Product details:

  • Clay planter pot
  • Choose black or terracotta
  • 7" W x 10" H
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