What to Put On a Decorative Tray

What to Put On a Decorative Tray

Styling a tray for decor and function can be fun and easy!

Have you ever created a vignette and just felt like something was missing? More often than not that item is a decorative tray. A tray will serve to ground your vignettes, giving them an intentional place on your surface instead of having what feels like random objects floating. 

A tray also looks more finished and intentional, and will help to make your vignette look more complete. For instance, putting a tray on a dining table under your floral arrangement is a great example of this. An added bonus; the tray will also protect the table from water damage and scratches.

If you need some inspiration, I created a list of some great ways to style a tray and items you can use. I love adding trays to my accessories when decorating and they can serve as a beautiful addition to a decorative vignette and a useful organizational tool. We all love when something is both functional AND beautiful! 

Here are some tips for what you can put on a decorative tray:

  1. Books or Magazines: Stack a few visually appealing books or magazines that match the overall theme or color scheme of the room. This adds an element of sophistication and can be entertaining reading for your guests. I love a great art book or a beautiful book of poetry. 

  2. Candles and Votives: Place some scented candles or decorative votives on the tray. They not only add a warm and cozy ambiance but also serve as a functional light source. I love grouping pillar candles of varying heights together for a magical glow. Perfect for a dinner party or out on the patio on a summer evening. 

  3. Small Plants or Succulents: Incorporate a touch of nature by adding small potted plants or succulents. Not only do they bring natural beauty to the space but plants clean the air leaving your indoor air quality healthy and fresh especially during the winter time. The tray will also protect your surfaces from water stains and dirt.

  4. Decorative Objects: Include small decorative items such as sculptures, ceramic vases, or interesting trinkets that match your personal style and the theme of the room. These objects can be conversation starters and add visual interest. Have fun hunting for special pieces when thrifting or seek out local ceramicists and sculpture artists and invest in something truly unique.  

  5. Organizer: Use a tray to corral items like remote controls in a living room space or use it to organize supplies in your office. This keeps your surfaces neat and clutter free which can have a positive affect on the Feng Shui of your room. Layer in a pretty decorative box to hide things like matches, coasters, or anything you may want to store.  

  6. Personal Mementos: Showcase sentimental items like photographs, postcards, or souvenirs. These personal touches are what creates a space that is meaningful and layered. I love displaying pretty stones and seashells I picked up while on trips that bring back those great memories. 

  7. Seasonal Decorations: Switch up the contents of the tray based on the season. For example, during the holidays, you can add ornaments and winter greens in a vase. During the spring fresh flowers are always a stunning addition to a room and adds life and vibrancy! Seasonal changes are also a fun way to play with colours and try out new looks and styles!

However you decide to style your tray make sure to have fun with it and treat decorating as a hobby that can bring you joy and unleash your creativity. Have a look through our collection of decorative trays and accessories that will add elegance and style to your space!






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