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Morning Rituals

I used to hate mornings, and I mean HATE. I would dread getting up any time earlier than 8am. I would try anything to make it easier to crawl out of bed and sleeping in was a wonderful luxury that I could not get enough of!  As I get older however, I have noticed somehow over the years I sneakily became a morning person. I actually really love my mornings now and value that time of peace and solitude.  I try to get up early, no later than 8am on weekdays and prepare Princey's breakfast. He is such a relaxed dog and will usually just chill in his bed until I get up. He eats and I prep my coffee in the French press and then we venture out for our first walk of the day.  I don't love going out into the Canadian winter on January mornings at 7am but there is definitely something invigorating about breathing in the fresh air first thing in the morning. I have come to really enjoy the morning walks, despite the weather. I love coffee and having mine by myself with soft music in the background, Prince at my feet and a warm cozy blanket wrapped around me is the perfect morning ritual.  Are you a morning person or do you struggle? Do you have a morning ritual? I would love to hear all about it. Leave a comment and tell me what your mornings look like.