Krystin's Favourite Things

Krystin's Favourite Things

If you didn't already know, I hand pick each and every item in the shop. I am Krystin Leigh Smith, the owner and sole curator of Hacienda. I have spent years as a buyer and stylist in the film and advertising industries and this experience working with different products and businesses, creating sets for photo shoots and curating looks for other brands has helped me develop a distinguishing eye!

I love every single item I select and I care a lot about offering you the best, most unique and special pieces from all over the world but there are a few pieces that I carry that really stand out to me. 

Each month I will choose 5 items from our collection that I want to highlight and tell you exactly why I chose it for the shop! Welcome to Krystin's Favourite Things List! 


1. Linen Cotton Napkins

These napkins are a cotton/linen blend making them super soft! They come in three beautiful tones, terracotta, sage and simple white. I love that these are the type of napkin that works beautifully for a simple weeknight dinner at home but can also be dressed up for a dinner party with guests! They also make a great hostess gift! 


2. Terracotta Jug

This pretty jug is the perfect shape! It was created by artisans in Morocco so it has that rustic handmade look. I love that it's such a versatile piece that you can use it in so many different ways! Put some pretty wildflowers in it, use it as a decor accessory on a shelf or in a kitchen. I also love that Terracotta is classic and timeless. 

3. Ceramic French Press

Coffee is also one of my favourite things! I love a fancy coffee accessory and this French press is it! It's made of ceramic which I find holds in the heat longer than glass. It comes in two colours, a pinky beige called "Sand" and "Cream". Such a pretty French press! 

4. Mini Brass Spoon

This handy little spoon is so pretty and so useful! I use mine for salt, it gives you the perfect pinch. Another useful application for these little beauties is with your charcuterie board! You can use it to serve chutneys, hot sauce and spreads in the prettiest way possible! These spoons are solid brass so they have a nice weight to them. Such a darling little tool!

5. Female form sculptures

These unique sculptures, handmade by Mariana Silveira are truly very special. Each one is different and has it's own unique characteristics. These sculptures are a great conversation piece! They look amazing as part of a vignette with other decor pieces, on top of books, a tray on a coffee table or on a shelf! 


Let me know in the comments which Hacienda products are your favourites and why! 



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What a great idea Kristin personal and informative! I love linen and cotton napkins, terra cotta pitcher, ceramic French Press and sculptures.

I forwarded this to an artist in Nanaimo named Sarah. She has some delightful pieces.



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