Welcome to my Haven

Welcome to my Haven

Hi! I'm Krystin Leigh Smith and I wanted to start this blog for two reasons. I wanted a way to connect with you and I wanted to share more about my work, my business and how I do things, as well as how I got here! I truly love what I do, styling photoshoots and sets for film and advertising and curating for my shop, Hacienda.

Handmade pillows

I come from a social work background as some of you already know. I worked in a shelter for homeless folks for 5 years until I burned out emotionally and physically. Working with people in crisis is exhausting and I felt I had to take a step back and do something new. I began assisting a Prop Stylist in Toronto about a year after making the big decision to leave social work and pursue a career as a creative entrepreneur. I learned how much I loved to work in a creative field and worked hard over the years to build a name for myself as a Toronto Prop Stylist. 

As I began to mature as a Prop Stylist and gained valuable experience as a buyer and designer I have probably been to every home decor store in Toronto, touched and examined countless ceramics, pillows, dishes, napkins, lamps, rugs, glassware collections and literally anything to do with home decor! This experience with so many items over the years has helped me really understand what makes a good product and what kinds of things were worth spending on and which ones were just pretty baubles that may only be nice for a season or two. 

Brass candle plate

I have always been naturally drawn to vintage and antiques in decorating. I absolutely love a mix of old and new in a home. My first part time job when I was sixteen was at the local Value Village thrift store They should have paid me in product as I pretty much spent all my paycheques thrifting cool home goods and clothing anyways! I would frequent the flea markets and antique shops with my Mom on Sunday afternoons and delight in anything old, tarnished or chipped. 

Vintage smoke coloured glasses

Hacienda is my passion. I love all things related to home decor and design and this is the stuff that gets me out of bed in the morning! I am so excited to chat design with you, hear about what you love, what you're creating, and connect with the people that want to make the everyday beautiful. 

Happy to make your acquaintance!






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