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Speckled Ceramic Cup or Mug, Handmade

Speckled Ceramic Cup or Mug, Handmade

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This speckled handmade ceramic cup was handmade in Toronto by Garden of Weeden Ceramics. Kristen Weeden has been making and experimenting with clay since 2018. She is passionate about art and design and now brings this passion to you to enjoy. 

The cup has a unique shape that bulges out in the middle, making it comfortable to hold. The mug has a spacious handle if you prefer this style. With a beautiful glazed lavender interior the design is a perfect piece to display on open shelving or a coffee bar. A lovely gift for handmade ceramics lovers!

Note that each cup is unique in overall shape and size as they are handmade. If a matching set is desired please allow 4-6 weeks for a custom set to be made. Multiples selected over 1 piece will be considered a matching set.

Product details:

  • One handmade ceramic cup by Garden of Weeden Ceramics. Choose with or without handle
  • Size of each varies slightly between 3" - 4" tall 
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Made in Canada
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