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Souvenir no. 2 Original Art (6x9)

Souvenir no. 2 Original Art (6x9)

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Oksana Berda is a talented abstract artist based in Toronto, Canada, whose work is inspired by natural elements such as stone, sand, water, and wood. With a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of New Brunswick, Oksana's paintings possess a unique narrative quality that draws in the viewer. Each of her pieces is a mesmerizing blend of ghostly washes, graphing pencil braids, and soft pastel lines, delicately containing the forms that might otherwise spill over the edge of the paper. Experience the beauty and wonder of nature through the eyes of Oksana Berda's art

  • Souvenir no. 2, Oksana Berda
  • Watercolour and pastel on acid free watercolour paper
  • 6" x 9"
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