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Minimal Decor Bundle

Minimal Decor Bundle

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Tired of your old style? Ready for a change? Well, we have a solution for you! Introducing our Minimal Decor Bundle. This set is packed with everything you need to create a soothing and stylish atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or workspace. We've included two vases (in muted natural tones), a scented candle and a handmade tufted pillow in pastel pistachio green. This bundle is perfect for any modern home decor lover.

 Creating a relaxing home atmosphere doesn't require you to spend a fortune. In this set you get a great value! It's a simple solution to your everyday decor needs.

 Wow your guests and enjoy your surroundings by adding one of these sets into any room of your home.

 The modern set of decorative items for the home is designed to provide a tranquil and stylish atmosphere no matter where it is used. Whether in the living room, bedroom or workspace, this set will enhance any space with its natural beauty and earthy tones, and just the smallest touch of colour.

 Modern home decor is easy! This bundle provides both simple elegance and thoughtful design to be enjoyed by all who enter your space.

Product details:

  • 4 item home decor bundle
  • 1 handmade pistachio green velvet pillow 16" diameter
  • 1 handmade donut vase by Garden of Weeden Ceramics 6" x 6"
  • 1 porcelain vase by Middle Kingdom
  • Moss hemp tin candle by East City Candles
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