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Edible Gold Specks Artisanal Lollipop

Edible Gold Specks Artisanal Lollipop

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These edible gold flecked lollipops are a beautiful and edible way to dress up desserts, cocktails, and more! With so many fun ways to use these little lollipops, they are perfect for every occasion!

A great gift topper or party decoration. Tie them together in a bunch to give away as gifts!

Product details:

  • Gold specks lollipops by The Little Lollipop Shop
  • Choose circle or star shape
  • Vegan, made in the UK

*Made from natural sugars (cane sugar, glucose), colourings (approved colourings, acitic acid, glucose, water) and flavours (approved flavouring substances, water and propylene glycol). Wrapped in a plastic pouch, presented on a paper stick.

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