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Edible Gold Specks Artisanal Lollipop

Edible Gold Specks Artisanal Lollipop

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Add a touch of elegance to your gatherings with these stunning edible gold flecked lollipops. The perfect adornment for any occasion, these little beauties offer endless creative possibilities. Whether you're looking to dress up your drinks or add a unique twist to your desserts, these lollipops are sure to impress.

Not just a tasty treat, these gold flecked lollipops also make great gift toppers or party decorations. Combine them to create a beautiful bunch that's perfect for gifting. These lollipops are a fun and delicious way to add a touch of luxury to any occasion.

Product details:

  • Gold specks lollipops by The Little Lollipop Shop
  • Choose circle or star shape
  • Vegan, made in the UK

*Made from natural sugars (cane sugar, glucose), colourings (approved colourings, acitic acid, glucose, water) and flavours (approved flavouring substances, water and propylene glycol). Wrapped in a plastic pouch, presented on a paper stick.

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