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Ceramic French Press

Ceramic French Press

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It's designed for a perfect cup of coffee - every time.

 If you find yourself struggling to replicate that rich, earthy flavour in your morning cuppa joe, it may be because you're using an aluminum press. When brewing coffee with this type of French press, the heat from the water transfers quickly into the aluminum and actually scorches the beans. But a ceramic body can maintain a consistent temperature throughout each stage of brewing, which means no more scorched beans ruining your favourite blend.

Even if you love your current style of French press, this upgrade is worth considering. It features a stylish copper pull handle and modern colours to suit any decor-- so it can go anywhere in your kitchen or home office.

Pave the way for a better brew every day by investing in this heavy walled ceramic French press.

 Freshen up your morning coffee routine.

 The French press is an iconic coffee brewing method and one of the easiest ways to brew rich, flavourful coffee without all the fuss. This is why we love this Ceramic French Press.

 The ceramic body maintains a consistent temperature throughout the brewing process and the copper pull is a stylish nod to the importance of the finer details.

French press coffee is becoming more popular than ever and for good reason. The flavor can't be beat and the caffeine content is considerably lower than other methods of brewing coffee. But if you haven't tried a French press yet, it's time to give one a try. Start your day off right with a cup brewed using this heavy walled ceramic French press.

Inspired by the finest French presses found in cafés around the world, this heavy-walled ceramic wonder lets you take control over every aspect of your brewing process to ensure your coffee is as perfect as possible without relying on any technology like electric plungers or heaters that might affect taste or result in cold brews when they should be hot.

 Make a statement with this beautiful and innovative ceramic French press!

Product details:

  • Ceramic French press with copper pull in Cream or Sand 
  • D 3.5" x W 5.5" x H 7.5"
  • 850 ml
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