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Concrete Sculpture Collection No. 4


Cast Editions is the latest collection of hand finished sculptures by Vic Wright. Each piece is cast by hand out of sustainable pigments and casting cements. The shapes in Cast Editions are designed to interact and connect with each other making adaptable collections. All the pieces in the whole series can be displayed and stacked in a variety of different ways. Use the shapes for a fun vignette on a shelf, coffee table or on top of books. 

Product details:

  • 3 Piece concrete sculpture from Vic Wright's Cast Editions collection
  • White - 3.1" H x 2.9" W
  • Blue - 6.8" H x 2.9" W
  • Dark gray - 3.7" H x 1.9" W
  • Made in the UK

Concrete Sculpture Collection No. 4