About Hacienda

Our Story

With the eye of a Prop Stylist, Krystin Leigh Smith has made her passion for seeking beauty into an experience and a philosophy: Home should be your haven.

Through her past working with homeless women, she gained a deeper understanding of the importance of having a space that is uniquely yours. It isn’t just four walls but can be a place of joy, comfort and beauty.

Hacienda is here to help you make home your into your personal haven. We hope you are inspired and delighted by Hacienda’s selections.

Handmade Turkish rug

About Our Products

Hacienda cares about where our products come from. With an emphasis on building a collection of well-made, quality items that will enrich your home, we have sought out pieces made with care and time. Sustainability and ethical sourcing is a priority. Partnering with artisans and maker communities from all over the world we have brought you intricate woven textiles, hand-made pottery, original artwork and trusted brands that create beautiful home goods you can enjoy for a lifetime.

One-of-a-kind, beautiful home decor personally selected for you

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